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Whether you are brand new to Chiropractic care, looking to expand your health team or getting back on the path to wellness, it's easy to start the process at Life Chiropractic! 

I take a holistic approach to treatment. My training and experience allow me to administer a range of treatments and preventative approaches that are tailored to each individual patient.

The nervous system controls all function and when that system isn't communicating properly, symptoms, pain and dysfunction can occur. Addressing the system as a whole allows for the greatest potential to heal and support normal function. 

Initial consultation 

This is the first step on your path to better health. A consultation is a great way for you to come meet the team in person, get a feel for the office and learn more about the work we do. You will get a chance to sit down with Doctor Davis and discuss your current state of health and what your goals are. This is also a great opportunity to ask any questions you have about Chiropractic, why it's so essential to wellness and any other health related topics.


Schedule a New Patient Appointment

This is the next step towards achieving your goals. A new patient appointment includes a consultation, detailed examination, imaging/instrumentation (as needed), a report of findings; so we can discuss what the exams and images showed us and craft a care plan that best suites your needs and an adjustment (as needed).


Pediatric patient care

The most important adjustment is the first one. A bone out of place, putting pressure on a nerve in an infant/child has the capacity to create developmental disfunction. Through gentle adjusting techniques we can help get kids back on track and avoid unnecessary drugs/surgeries.
Dr. Davis has studied and specialized in pediatric care for almost 15 years. 


Onsite Care

Dr. Davis is happy to grab the portable table and head your way. A home visit, especially for our pregnant and new born patients can be a lot more comfortable. This is also a great option for emergency care as well. We also regularly go to local business/restaurants and provide care before service starts.

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