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5 easy health practices

With the new working landscape being mostly home offices or non-traditional work spaces, finding simple and achievable exercises for your mental and physical health is essential.

Today we are going to introduce a few easily achievable and replicable tips to create strong physical and mental habits that should be utilized on a daily basis, especially during the work day. These practices can help create greater productivity, clarity and efficiency while decreasing stressors.

“Everything we do is practice for something greater than where we currently are. Practice only makes for improvement.” – Les Brown

We all know the old saying: "Practice makes perfect". Let's change the perspective on this a bit. Practice makes progress. These 5 recommendations, when practiced regularly will help you improve your health both mentally and physically. Perfection is a nice idea, but can ultimately be a detractor to progress. Let's work towards progress

The Big 5...

  1. GET ADJUSTED. Stay consistent with seeing your Chiropractor, especially when you feel good. Chiropractic is the process of detecting and correcting subluxation (misalignments) that impact how your body communicates and functions. It's always better to find a subluxation before symptoms/dysfunction occurs

  2. EXERCISE. try to get 30mins of exercise per day. This can be split up into smaller sessions as well. 10/10/10 before breakfast, lunch and dinner. The goal is to get your heart rate up and keep it up for the entirety of your work out. This helps release chemicals in the body that can counteract depression, anxiety etc. As well as improve muscle and organ function

  3. MEDITATE: With all we have to deal with daily find time to shut the mind down for a bit and just focus on being. Try to find a quiet room or a spot outside, take your shoes off, sit, stand or lay down and just focus on your breathing. In through the nose and out through the mouth and let your thoughts drift by like the clouds. The deep breathing will help with oxygenating the body and the quiet will help stimulate the mind.

  4. DIET: Cutting out processed foods/sugars, artificial ingredients, alcohols etc. will not only create less inflammation to the system it will aid in proper organ function. It can help you feel lighter, more clear and connected. Along with this hydration is key, drink half your body weight in water per day. Proper hydration will help prevent headaches, lethargy and can even stimulate weight loss.

  5. SLEEP: Getting proper sleep is essential. Try to put your phone/tablet/screens away at least 45min-1hr before getting in bed. Reading, writing, drawing, singing and all of the other creative outlets will be much better for your mind/body/soul before bed. Do your best to limit any outside light and running a white noise machine is very helpful as well. Napping can be very helpful as well. Try to keep your naps to 15-25 mins, this will refresh the body and mind and help with productivity and mood.

Obviously there are many more factors and practices that are beneficial, these are just a few core ones to start with.

Let me know how these help change you and your life

Welcome to your LIFE!

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