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Time for a change

There is an old saying that I love, to paraphrase, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is right NOW!

It is always the right time to make a positive change in your physical, mental and spiritual life. Nothing is a guarantee in life so make the most of every moment. Changing can be challenging though, as fear of the unknown, even if the change is to inspire a positive result, is one of the greatest fears in life. It comes with the fear of rejection, choosing wrong, etc. As long as you set the right intentions in your heart and mind, even if the out come is not what you thought it should be, it will be the right outcome. Then comes adaptation. Success is adaptation. This is true both with in the body and within the outside world. The ability to adapt is the true meaning of health and success.

Keeping a positive mental attitude and a close circle of people who consistently inspire you to be the best version of yourself is incredibly important.

“You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with” -Jim Rohn

Take a long look at the people you keep closest and spend the most time with, are they contributing to your growth or acting as a lead weight dragging you down. And the spotlight needs to be shined on family, partners, friends, co-workers etc. If anyone within that circle is toxic, they need a one way ticket out of your life, immediately. There's no time to make excuses for them or yourselves. Freeing yourself of that weight can help you achieve so much more. These days the closest 5 is a start, but also look at who you follow on social media and where you get your news. There are so many streams of influence into our lives and we must guard our energies, more so than ever before.

Simple steps for success

  1. Be open to change

  2. Want to change

  3. Choose something you need to change

  4. Make a list of the reasons why.

  5. Make a second list of positive ways to address each item on the first list

  6. Set a mantra using "I am" statements...I am strong, I am talented, I am smart, I am beautiful, etc.

  7. Set your intentions

  8. Take action

  9. Lead with love.

Steps 8 and 9 can be the most challenging and it takes Faith, Purpose and Persistence ( a major topic we will cover in another blog post). Once your intentions are set, act, speak and think with authority. We are all stronger than we often give ourselves credit for.

Looking forward to hearing about what changes you have made!

Welcome to your LIFE!

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